Acoustic Analysis in Kaleidoscope (Part 2):
Batch Processing

Learn how to speed up analysis in Kaleidoscope using batch processing. This automated function will help you process large amounts of recordings in an efficient and organized manner—enabling you to make discoveries faster.

This course demonstrates batch processing using the free version of Kaleidoscope (Lite). This will enable you to play along and provide a foundation for using the high-end automated analysis tools found in the paid version of Kaleidoscope (Pro).

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Note: Part 1 (Getting Started with Kaleidoscope) provides the basics needed to conduct manual file analysis in Kaleidoscope. We encourage you to complete Part 1 prior to beginning this course.
  • Level

  • Skills

    Batch Processing
  • Certificate

    Upon Completion
  • Instructor

    Dave Roberts

Skills Gained at Course Completion

Create a File Inventory

Add manual IDs

Manage GPS Metadata

Convert & Create New Files

Create Custom Workflow Presets

Scan Recordings & Extract Detections

Meet the Instructor

Dave Roberts

Dave is a lifelong audio engineer with more than 30 years of experience in audio technology development. He has lectured internationally on the subject and is a published author. Dave is also a passionate environmentalist. As a Product Specialist at Wildlife Acoustics, he regularly interacts with—and learns from—biologists and environmental scientists around the world. Dave brings a deep knowledge of sound and technology to the ever-evolving science of bioacoustics analysis to provide exceptional training experiences to our customers.